Filing a formal complaint with ODR

Harvard students, faculty, staff, other Harvard appointees, or third parties may file written complaints of sexual or gender-based harassment against Harvard students, staff, and most faculty members with the Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR) at any time.*

How do I file a formal complaint?

Formal complaints can be filed by delivering your complaint to ODR in person or by emailing your complaint to The complaint must be in writing and describe allegation(s) of sexual and/or gender-based harassment. The Complainant is the person bringing the complaint, and the Respondent is the person against whom the complaint is brought.

Who is on the Investigative Team?

An ODR Investigator and, at the option of the Respondent’s School or unit, a representative of that School or unit who is trained to assist in investigations.

What are the procedures for handling complaints?

The procedures for complaints against students, the procedures for complaints against staff, and the procedures for complaints against faculty are available here.


* ODR does not investigate complaints brought against Harvard Law School or Harvard Business School faculty members. ODR also does not investigate complaints brought by Harvard Law School students against other Harvard Law School students.