Title IX Office

The University’s Title IX Office is charged with addressing, in a neutral manner, disclosed incidents of sexual and gender-based harassment in Harvard University’s programs and activities. The Office provides direct services to members of the Harvard community and also supports the network of 50+ Title IX Coordinators across the University in their outreach to members of our community. The Office also initiates and supports the Schools and units in developing training and prevention programs related to sexual and gender-based harassment.

Both Nicole Merhill, Harvard's Title IX Officer, and Julia Sáenz, Harvard's Associate Title IX Officer, have an open-door policy and are available to meet with all members of the community who want to speak about incidents that either involve them directly or may have impacted a friend or colleague. Discussions may include information on interim measures, the Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy, and available resources and options. Community members also are invited to meet with the Title IX Officer or Associate Title IX Officer to share thoughts, suggestions, or ideas about the Policy, community outreach efforts, or related topics. 

Contact Nicole Merhill, Title IX Officer: Nicole_Merhill@harvard.edu, 617-496-2470

Contact Julia Sáenz, Associate Title IX Officer: Julia_Saenz@harvard.edu, 617-496-5490

Are my conversations confidential? While conversations with them are not confidential, the Title IX Officer and Associate Title IX Officer will handle any information that you provide with the utmost discretion and sensitivity and will share it with others only on a need-to-know basis.