Why Talk to a Coordinator?

Find your Title IX Coordinator here

If you have a concern about something that may have happened to you, or that you may have observed or heard about in the community, you are encouraged to share your concern with a Title IX Coordinator in your School or unit. Title IX Coordinators have expertise and are positioned to help address disclosures of sexual and gender-based discrimination in the Harvard community. 

Sharing information with the Title IX Coordinator is not the same as filing a formal complaint with the Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR), an office that is discussed later in this guide.  As described in the Policy, it is ordinarily up to you to decide whether you wish to file a formal complaint, although in very rare circumstances, where a community safety concern has arisen, the Title IX Coordinator may need to take steps to initiate a formal complaint with ODR. 

Speaking to a Title IX Coordinator will help you to receive support from your School or unit and will allow the Coordinator to consider whether there are issues related to the incident that need to be addressed for the safety of the community. 

Title IX Coordinators can:

  • Provide information about available resources
  • Help arrange interim measures — the supports that help members of the Harvard community continue with their studies and work and to participate in campus life
  • Facilitate informal resolution, as appropriate, between the involved parties, with a goal of memorializing a mutually acceptable resolution in writing
  • Provide information on the Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy and the applicable Procedures, as well as any additional School or unit policies
  • Provide information about the formal complaint process

Title IX Coordinators have a neutral role. They are specially trained to handle sensitive information relating to incidents of possible sexual harassment, including sexual assault, with appropriate discretion and to help arrange interim support measures that might help enable an individual to continue with studies or work and take advantage of all that Harvard has to offer.  Coordinators also facilitate access to confidential resources.